“This is a unique place that is life-changing. You must go there to truly understand it, I have been there for 5 months, 4 inches off my waist, my annual physical came back perfect for the first time in a long time. I have put on over 30% more muscle mass and I am 70% stronger than the day I started.” Craig E

“I will never go back to a ‘normal’ gym. My body and my life have been transformed. The most incredible workout I’ve ever experienced.” Ruth H

“Fantastic state of the art Health and Wellness Center in NJ and on the East Coast. Owners are amazing, knowledgeable and show deep concern and compassion for improving your overall well-being. I am hooked. The results are real and amazing! Alex is the man and very motivational.”  Robert F

“These workouts challenge me but are not beyond what I can handle. The equipment is easy with the help of the knowledgeable staff. They do a great job motivating and guiding through the process. I am ready for my next visit!”  Shawn P

“I was sold on the place the first time I walked through the door. With their help, I have lost over 35 pounds. The excitement of the place and Alex and Garo’s enthusiasm is contagious. I have invested in me to be healthier and live longer.” Maryellen B.

“I have seen amazing results since I have been a member. Not only has my muscle strength improved but it is so nice to see the definition of them. The recovery services have been a game changer in my attitude and I am a much happier person. What they have here you will never find at a typical gym. I love that it is all based on science.” Alejandra T.

“The place is so amazing it is difficult to tell you one thing because there is just so much to say. It is a life changer for me. I have been a fitness fanatic my whole life and there is no equal to this place.” M. Robinson

“Body Strong Life in Roxbury is like no place else!! I wish I knew about it sooner. After only a few visits I am seeing results, getting stronger and am motivated like never before. This place is impressive and Alex is a wealth of knowledge. Red light therapy is invigorating and cryotherapy was something I always wanted to add to my routine. The hours are flexible and it feels like a safe way to improve your overall health in so many ways.” L. Woholand

“I have used trainers before but the knowledge that Garo and Alex have about the body with this new equipment is crazy. Using the recovery equipment has quickened my progress towards my goals.” Dimitri S.

“The Body Strong Center is an amazing place. I am so thankful they reopened after the shutdown and have been there every week. The amazing staff has guided me to get me stronger. They have the latest equipment and I could not be happier going there.” Joan F.

“My husband first visited in January,  and now three members of our family are there 3Xs a week.  Not only have we seen amazing results,  but Alex’s energy and interest in how we feel is truly encouraging and inspiring.  As an added bonus, the biocharger has completely cleared up my son’s eczema,  which didn’t really respond  to anything else! BSL has changed our life for the better –  so thankful a coworker recommended.” Tamarin V.

“If you are the least bit into your health this is the place for you. The trainers are a wealth of knowledge along with the cutting edge equipment you will become a healthier you. I give this place my highest recommendation” M. Arlen

“There are so many wonderful things about Body Strong Life I don’t know where to begin. The twice a week sessions has been a life changer for me. My time is very limited with being a busy professional and only having to go two times in a week is a gamechanger. When they said that each session was under a ½ hour and I would get incredible results I was very skeptical. Well was I wrong. Everything they claimed happened to me. I gained muscle and lost body fat and at 46 years young I have never felt and looked this good. WIth working all day and chasing two little boys around at home Body Strong Life has zoomed my energy and stamina levels.” Mike S.

“I love this place and the technology and when I need to schedule an appointment I just go to the app on my phone. Being held accountable is so important to me and being able to actually see your progress on the screen is highly motivating. This place and I hate to call it a gym brings exercise to modern times. I still can’t believe that I get in and out of there in less than a half hour with such an invigorating workout.” A. Rayfeid

“After looking through the website and reading the descriptions of this equipment and everything it does I had to see for myself. It more than exceeded my expectations. I love being in a place with like minded people that value and want to improve their health. The recovery services are amazing and my favorite is the red light therapy. Even if I was having an off day after spending time there I leave in a happy mood. I can’t say enough good things about this place. This is going to be the future of exercise!” Sherry V.

“All I can say is wow!  Not only did all the equipment that I have never experienced before blow me away, but to have knowledgeable trainers guide you through them was such a bonus.  Alex and Garo not only know the equipment so well they are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition and health.  I have been to so many gyms and different trainers my entire life and nothing I have done in the past comes close to this place.  You won’t find all these services they have in one location and they customized the routine for me. I love love love this place!!!!”  Mindy C.