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Dr. Bruce Seidner

Dr. Bruce Seidner

Dentist, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Investor, Father, Tony Robbins Platinum Partner, Chabad Man of the Year.

Body Strong Life: Personal Training Center in Succasuna NJ, is a brand-new wellness center dedicated to helping people like you to see results quicker and with less effort. This mission came after Dr. Bruce Seidner received countless comments from patients, friends, and family asking how he was seemingly reversing his age.

As a person who was always concerned about his health and fitness and a lifelong student, I have always searched for a better way to be healthier and get better results. Over the course of my lifetime I have spent countless hours in the gym. I have used Personal trainers, tried different programs, different diets, and two many health and fitness programs to count. All this led me to the newest field in health and Wellness called Biohacking. 

Biohacking is finding ways to trick your biology to get the maximum benefit with small changes in exercise and nutrition.  Studying for years, and becoming a Tony Robbins Platinum Partner, led me to researching and finding about the equipment featured at Body Strong Life that I never knew existed. I began testing this new equipment and implementing new ways of thinking. After I began to see incredible results, others noticed. 

Dr. Seidner realized it was time to share the secrets he had learned after a life-long dedication to self-improvement through health and wellness. And that is how Body Strong Life was born.

As the founder, Dr. Seidner realized he could not keep the secrets to anti-aging to himself. Having learned ways to reverse and eliminate chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease, it became his mission to bring these methods to those who value their health. This is a center dedicated to those who value their health and are ready to see more results in less time.

Dr. Bruce Seidner has been practicing dentistry since 1986 and is the founder of Seidner Dentistry, which has been named as one of the top dental practices in the country. It is because of his core values of learning and a passion to enrich lives that has his clients coming back for years. Dr. Seidner has instilled these same values into Body Strong Life in order to provide you with the best care while seeing tremendous results in a shorter amount of time.

Body Strong Life  is a one-of-a-kind fitness center in New Jersey, offering the latest and greatest biohacking technology that was only available to elite athletes, celebrities and the wealthy. Upon walking into this unique and anti-aging facility, you will be greeted with machines to help you reduce stress, decrease inflammation, reduce pain, boost collagen production, and give you a hit of energy.

Dr. Seidner, his son Alex, and the entire Body Strong Life team welcome you to the future of health and wellness.

“I have watched my parents’ health deteriorate over the last two decades. I can only imagine if they had this technology available to them how the quality of their life could have improved. It breaks my heart to watch my father rely on family and aides to help him with his daily functions in addition to daily suffering. My wish is for everyone to enjoy their now years and their later years, not to become helpless prisoners trapped in their own body.” – Dr. Bruce Seidner

Alex Seidner

Alex Seidner

Co-Founder and Partner of Body Strong Life, Real Estate Investor, and Entrepreneur.

As a former high school football and lacrosse player, Alex Seidner struggled with his health, finding himself 30 pounds overweight. This led to non-existent energy levels, affecting everything from his sports to studies. Struggling with his weight and health issues, he turned to conventional methods to gain his student-athlete performance back. 

As a young millennial, he knew he should be healthy and vibrant, yet he could not see the results he wanted after traditional dieting and training. He couldn’t figure out why his struggles continued. Alex knew there had to be more effective, efficient, and scientifically proven methods to give him his health back. His quest led him to discover his new passion of Biohacking, which is putting yourself in the driver seat of your own body. The technology available allows you to “hack” your biology in order for your body to function at its optimum level. He got his personal training certificate from ARX and Vasper technologies and he is able to customize a regimen for clients using this new technology that very few people have heard of. 

His mentors, Dave Asprey, Tony Robbins, Dr. Doug McGough, and Gerrett J White have opened his mind and world to technology that NASA, NFL teams, and celebrities have previously only had access to. It became Alex’s mission to access this cutting-edge technology not only for himself but to help others avoid the suffering he went through. His strong beliefs in helping others achieve their confidence, energy, and body optimization have led to his founding of Body Strong Life (a Biohacking studio) in New Jersey.



Garo is a personal trainer with vast knowledge and he believes taking steadfast care of one’s health and chasing challenges is one of the keys to joy in life. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics and Food Science from The University of Vermont. He is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the National Institute of Personal Training. 

He specializes in increasing lean muscle and decreasing body fat for optimum body composition. His workouts focus on improving stability and strength through functional and metabolic training. Garo continuously monitors for proper movement and execution of exercises to help prevent injuries and assure every session is maximally effective. His background also allows him to provide nutritional guidance and counseling to further improve clients’ health.

His passion in life is helping people. He is gracious and humble and will take the time to answer any of your questions and concerns. After visiting Body Strong Life as a client  and coming from a traditional training background he jumped at the opportunity to become part of Body Strong Life. He knows this is the future in Strength, Health, Wellness and Recovery.